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Our ewe base is from Detpa Grove flock, Jeparit, Victoria, Australia. 

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Warburn 160048 "Rocket"

  • Co-owned with Wingamin White Suffolk Stud.
  • We will be using "Rocket" in 2020.

Wingamin 112462 "Trifecta"

  • Bred by Wingamin White Suffolk Stud
  • Winner Grand Champion at Bendigo, Hamilton and Adelaide Shows

Prestige Farm 120001 "Perfection"

Prestige Farm 110001"Extra"

Detpa Grove 090116

Detpa Grove 070270 - “Crackerjack”:

  • sired by Detpa Grove 050206 "Cracker"
  • champion at 2006 Royal Adelaide show
  • sire of dam Detpa Grove "Impact", producing correct white suffolk sheep with hindquarters

Prestige Farm Suffolks



MacCauley 4586 QR
Sired by MaCauley 3584
Recently Purchased at the 2020 MacCauley Suffolks Online Sale



MacCauley 4524 RR (ET)
Born: 23 Jan 2019 | Sired by MacCauley 3830
Top Price at the 2020 MacCauley Suffolks Online Sale


MacCauley 3584
Sired by 'Mighty Moe' MacCauley 2551

  • Batt 188025



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